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Mustahaalarisitsit 26.10. / Black overall sitsis 26.10.

The lights of Messukylän Työväentalo dim, and there could be anything lurking around the corner. On the wildest night of October, students in black overalls have gathered to Mustahaalarisitsit (Black Overalls Sitz) at the ghostly Messukylän Työväentalo.

Messukylä’s Haunted House is filled with black overalls and nightmarish costumes as TiTe, TamArk, Teema, Reettorit, Aatos, and Transla come together to enjoy the 2023 Mustahaalarisitsi. The sitz will take place on Thursday, October 26th, starting at 6pm at Messukylän Työväentalo, followed by the Kissanristiäiset in Ilves organized by Spinni and Uros! During the sitz registration, you also have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for Kissanristiäiset for €5.

The participation fee for the sitz itself is €18. Registration for the sitz begins on October 5th at …. There is a limited number of seats available for each student organization. Registration is done through the ( platform.

WHAT: TiTe, TamArk, Teema, Reettorit, Aatos, and Transla Mustahaalarisitsi 2023 🖤

WHERE: Messukylä Työväentalo, Messukylänkatu 47

WHEN: Thursday, October 26th, at 6pm

COST: €18 + optional Kissanristiäiset ticket for €5

DRESS CODE: A costume suitable for the Haunted House and black overalls 🕴️


We dont accept any type of discrimination or harassment in our event. If you face or notice discrimination or harassment, you can contact the event organizers or TREY’s harassment contact persons: (…/help-regarding-harassment-discrimination… (



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