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Film Festival - 2023

Hello to all of the Meryl Streeps and Wes Andersons of your lives!📽️🎬

It is the time of the year when the silver screen starts to echo on the horizon and new stories have a thirst to get on it. For the Film Fest is here once again!!!

The Film Fest - 2023 will be held on 12.4 at 18!!!✨

Now is your chance to let your creativity flow and start rolling with the cameras. This year we have developed a theme to inspire you, which is:

"Love and it's cliche"💋

It is not mandatory to follow the theme strictly. You may interpret it how ever loosely you desire.💫

Gather your filmgroup and bring all of the creative ideas of the great minds together, to create a shortfilm. The masterpieces will be shown at the fest, where else than at Betoniportaat. (Doing it solo is also acceptable, of course.) The grand jury will present the winners of the best creations!! 🏆

The deadline for the entering is on 10.4 at 23.59!

To enter, share you film here:


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