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What is a guild?

Architects' Guild of Tampere, also known as TamArk, is an organization of students studying architecture in Tampere. The guild brings together the archi students, promotes and develops the study of architecture at the Tampere University and nurtures the traditions of architecture students.

What is a board?


The guild's board is responsible for the guild's activities one calendar year at a time. The task of the board is to manage the guild's operations and manage its finances and assets. The Board prepares the issues to be raised at the guild meeting and implements the decisions. The Board also prepares its proposals for documents to be approved by the General Meetings.

In addition to the Board, there are officials appointed by the Board. Officials are selected for a variety of tasks, such as guild communications, events, business and trade union cooperation.


What is a general meeting?

The highest decision-making body of the guild is the general meeting, which is held at least two times a year: in the spring and autumn.


What is a board meeting?

Board meetings are held approximately once a week during the school year. Board meetings approve invoices, plan the guild's event activities, and discuss issues related to studies.


What are guild coffees?

Guild coffee is a monthly coffee break in the guild room between students and department staff. Usually, the chairof the guild and the person in charge of studies are present, but anyone who is interested in education policy issues is welcome.


What is halloped?


The student representative of the administration, or halloped, handles the lobbying of students at our university. Hallopeds act as independent full members of the institution, representing students in a university, faculty, or degree program. You can contact them in matters related to your studies.

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