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We have a cozy and comprehensive guild kitchen at our disposal, but we also keep it clean. Everyone can empty and fill the dishwasher, if they don't know how, feel free to ask for help from either the whisks or fellow students.

How to pay the guilds membership and coffee fee

The guild membership fee is paid each academic year.


Account number: FI68 5731 6520 1746 59
Recipient: Tampereen Arkkitehtikilta
Amount: 5.00 €
Reference number: 1009

The guilds coffee fee:

(notice the different account and reference number)

Account number: FI14 5731 6520 1752 43

Recipient: Tampereen Arkkitehtikilta

Amount: 15.00 €/autumn + 15.00 €/spring

Reference number: 1151

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