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About the anniversasry

The year of celebrations is at its peak! This means it’s time to gather our lovely architecture family for a grand celebration for the 50th anniversary of our guild. The party will be held at Kuivaamo, Tampere. 
The date of the celebration is also quite fitting, since 7 + 3 + 20 + 20 equals 50! 


The annual celebration includes the opening ceremony, the main celebration, the after party and the morning-after breakfast. During the opening ceremony we will be getting a sneak peek at the short film currently in production about the history of our guild, and we will also marvel the beauty of an art piece that has been in the making since Autumn, called Himmelimeri*. The main celebration contains a three-course meal, which will be completed with a special desert designed specifically for our 50th anniversary. After the main celebrations, it’s time to move onto the after party, where we will be entertained by multiple different bands and performers, all comprised of members of our guild. There is also a surprise event for the guests, something you have never experienced before! Sunday’s breakfast will be hosted in Bommari at Hervanta campus.  


The dress code is formal wear, which means white or black tie with academic honours. For example, a dress coat or a festive evening dress 


The price of the event is 100€ for students and 130€ for the alumni.  
The sign up will open on Monday 3.2.2020 at 12:00 (be ready, the spots fill up quickly!) and closes on Sunday 16.2.2020.  

Sign up at 
The sign up will be done through the Kide app. You have to be logged in the app before you can sign up. The students and alumni will have their own categories so sign up to the right one! The payment will be done when signing up for the event. 

julistepohja kuvio.png


We will be taking a bus to Kuivaamo, so while signing up please inform where you’ll be getting on the bus from. The stops are Rautatienkatu, the main square (Keskustori) in front of the old church and Hervanta campus. 


The last Himmelimeri -workshop will be held in the concrete steps of Hervanta campus on Tuesday 4.2.2020 starting from 18:00! See you there!


You are most welcome to come and help out with the organizing of the annual celebration! We’ll be working on Friday 6.3. at 10:00 at Kuivaamo, Tampere. Other help is also more than welcome!  
You can sign up as a helper with this form:

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